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She is still continuing on an upward path. I am watching her close. If she needs more growing time inside before going out with the rest I have no problem giving that to her. She is quite personable and likes the attention she is getting. I assume I will not want to hatch eggs from her since this is a genetic disorder. That is fine. I have another Favorolle that is sound. Does anyone know how common cross beak is and is it breed specific? Is it a recessive or dominant trait or is it more complicated than one set of chromosomes? Can it be successfully bred out of a flock? If there is a chicken genetics book out there that would shed light on these questions, i would be very interested in acquiring it. How old does she need to be before I start trimming her beak to improve her quality of life and health? Thank you very much for your advice.

I'm glad to hear she is improving!

It does appear that her condition is genetic, but I do not know enough about that subject to tell you how the trait is passed along (I assume it would be at some point).

As far a trimming, it seems like each situation is unique. Some people let it be and may "accommodations" for their girl (deeper more open feeder and water source, etc.), some trim when they are unable to eat on their own.

You may want to ask your genetics question on the breed discussions or the Exhibition, Genetics and breeding  forum. I'm sure the knowledgeable folks on those threads can help you.