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hi i don't know if turkeys are a good choice for a backyard coop is there less of a chance that a crow or eagle will try to have a snack or do there eggs taste better then chicken eggs or are the eggs better for you then chicken 


btw i have a really small 1/4 of an acre yard so i would have to go with a smaller turkey breed

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How many turkeys are you planning on having?  Turkeys need more space and better ventilation than chickens. If you get babies in spring, they won't star laying till the end of the year or maybe next Spring. The eggs are larger and shell is harder to break. I don't taste a difference between them and chicken eggs but my friends say they taste better. I have not lost a turkey to predators but chickens I lost count of how many disappeared from the area where they free range.   

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i have a 3/4 of an are and they would have a 1/5 of an acre

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Sorry, I meant more space and ventilation as in the coop.  I currently have 5 heritage (2 toms and 3 hens) in a 6H x 6W x 10L coop with a 6H x 5W x 20L run. Coop is made out of pallets and the run out of 2x4 welded wire.


These are the nesting boxes, put sand on the floor to drain some of the moisture from the pee and poop.



I had to increase the size of their coop, I had 6 heritage and 5 BBB turkeys last year, they were a little crowded at night in the  6x10 coop. Sold the BBB last November so now I used the addition to  house some chickens for breeding purpose.


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