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Yes, bullying will weaken them to the point of exhaustion. It is possible she was not getting enough food and water. Maybe she had a seizure? I am just glad she is on the mend. :-)

They may well could have been but I'm out there regular and she seemed to be eating and drinking ok but was that just because I was there? I'm thinking that could be the issue in that they have run her ragged then had a go when she was down. I have selected one of the nice quiet ones to put her with today out in the small coop/run. Going to get it moved this morning to a nice sunny spot for them. Her poop is back to normal yesss.gif
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Hi Kim (Yorkshire Coop) - I have just found your thread, and I am glad that your bird is on the mend.  I just wanted to add that the first time I had a really sick bird I tried her with pellets mixed with warm water.  Not only did she love it - I found that all my other birds preferred wet mash to dry food.  Now I put out two or three bowls of mash every morning, in addition to their freely available dry pellets.  The mash disappears quickly, so I know they are getting a good amount of nutrition every day, along with the  stuff that they free range in the 1000m² garden that they 'own'. (I also have a right to use the land, but my girls seem to have first dibs on everything there, including plants, dustbathing areas, borders etc!)

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Thankyou, I may just try that on the whole lot of them but right now they sure are getting through some food th.gif I'm certainly going to keep this hen and her pal on the soaked pellets untill I know she is feeling 100% better. Ah the gardening chickens!! Sounds just like here big_smile.png I've given up with borderplants and the like now as they just strip things bare. I used to like doing planter pots with flowers/plants but they just dig them out. Scratched the borders out and have sure done plenty of earth moving!