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chicken nails

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I figured this went with the earlier question, BUT my situation is a little different.  I just noticed that my one hen has two of her nails are gone.  Its not that they were ripped off or any of that.  It looks that they never grew or something.  I have never noticed this before, should I be concerned?? It is so weird,  Could her skin grow over it? At the end where her nail should be looks a little swollen-like a round ball. What can or should I do??? 

I have never noticed any blood or any problems before.  She did just become a mommy.  She incubated her eggs through the whole process and they hatched Feb. 17th.  Could this have anything to do with it?? Please help!!!

Thank you!!


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One of my hens tore her nail off jumping over a chain link fence. After it healed, it was just as you describe--rounded and no nail. Another scenario is that she could have had frostbite on the toenails, and the rips fell off. Lastly, it could be a birth defect. Pictures are welcome.

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Here is a photo I finally got...
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I would still suspect that she lost her toe tips from frostbite or injury, or it is a birth defect. She should do well with her problem, but I would check her feet often to make sure that she isn't rubbing the hide off, or suffering from an infection.

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