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Ok I found them on Amazon
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They look perfect!!! It was just the feathers on her back., I'm so very relieved. I can't thank y'all enough ;-))))
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I would disinfect first and then put some ointment on it. A saddle or saddle type thing will help keep it clean after that. Keep us posted. 




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I've already applied the ointment, but I did rinse her well with water when I brought her in the house. What type of disinfectant would u suggest? I'd hate to use alcohol, would hydrogen peroxide work?
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Hydrogen peroxide works well for me. It is very effective and cheap if you get it in the right place. I sometimes use alcohol and it works just as well. Another product is formalin. 


use what you have. If you have hydrogen peroxide, I would go with that.

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I do have another important question., will her feathers come back..????
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They should

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Hydrogen peroxide kills good tissue so i wouldnt use it on her and you shouldnt have to disinfect her. She should heal up nicely i had a hen that was tore up pretty bad she still walking around lol she a hand full she had most of her tail taken by a dog all her feathera pulled out all i did for her was to treat the wound with a medication for wound care on farm animals.
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Thank alla y'all so much for all the info!! I'm keepin her inside for a few days to treat her and keep an eye on her. I can't explain how much it means to have ur input and wisdom., I was desperate and felt lost!! Y'all are lifesavers <3
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