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Can anyone tell me what gender these chicks are? I have 4 chicks. Two are Ameraucanas and the other two are Bantams. I've heard that there are many types of both Bantams and Ameraucanas. Can anyone tell me what type of Bantams and Ameraucanas I have?


Ameraucana #1



Also Ameraucana #1


Ameraucana #2


Also Ameraucana #2


Bantam #1


Also Bantam #1


Bantam #2

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some if not all of your ameraucana look like EE, the 2nd bantam looks like a porcelain duccle. little early to tell gender yet what are they about 4 days to a week old?

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I don't know exactly how old they are but they look like they're about four days to a week old. I bought them at a farm store so they could have been a mix of chicks. Thanks so much for telling me what you think they are. I don't really know much about chickens.
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