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Respiratory Problems?

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I recently bought 6 chicks from Tractor Supply and I have them indoors in a tub with a heat lamp and shredded newspaper for bedding. One of my chicks recently started to have raspy breathing and sneezes a lot, but this is the only chick that is doing this. I clean their tub and put fresh shredded newspaper in daily.

Will this clear up on its own or do I need to add something to it's diet to help it out? And is there anything I should do with their living conditions?

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I used tylan soluble powder. Works great. I think you can use it in young chicks but I may be wrong.
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So here's an update:

The chick did start to get pasty butt yesterday so we cleaned her today (I don't know if that could have anything to do with it).

BUT, just a few minutes ago, I noticed another chick started sneezing quite a bit and sounds a little raspy.

Could this be something with the cleanliness of the pen or do I have a sick chick that could pass it to the rest of my chicks? :(

Any help is appreciated.

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I'm a veterinary technician and I can tell you for a fact that if it's an upper respiratory infection then it will spread like wild fire if you don't quarantine the animal quickly or ride it out and medicate the whole flock.
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Ok thank you so much, would an upper respiratory infection be life-threatening for the chicks? I'm going to be looking for something to treat them in the morning, I just want to make sure this isn't something that will kill all of them before I can get what I need

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It can lead to pneumonia which can be life threatening. Some infections can be self limiting which means they'll go away on their own but you still run the risk of pneumonia. Not worth the risk and I would always treat regardless.
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agree. I would treat. I had one thought, could the news paper be somehow irritating them? perhaps the ink? if you think it might be possible you can use PINE shavings. NEVER USE CEDER. IT CAN KILL THEM. but pine is ok. I believe you can use Tylan antibotic on chicks. search forum for chick dose. to be safe you might treat everyone if you think illness is spreading. Also is there any dust in there area? chicks make LOTS of fine dust. if so, that can also be a irritation to them? just trying to cover all possibilities. Good luck, hope they feel better really soon!
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