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Day Old Chick Trying to Jump out of Box

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Last year I raised 6 month old chicks without any issues. This year, I got two silkies along with 4 other chicks coming in three weeks. Their names are Gizmo and Frodo. Frodo is perfectly content and does normal baby chicken activities - such as sleep. Gizmo however, whenever I leave her sight she peeps the "distress peep" and tries to jump out of their enclosure. Does anyone have experience with this issue who would be able to help me?


Info about the brooder:

They have plenty of food and water

They're on paper towels on top of pine shavings in a metal cage surrounded by cardboard so they can't squeeze out between the cracks

There is a red bulb and the thermometer says "93", plus the other chick is comfortable under the light. 

There is plenty of space for Gizmo to go in case she gets too hot, but she just continues to try and jump out.

I have tried putting a stuffie in their for them to have company but they were more scared of it than anything.

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So, these are older chicks?
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They are officially two days old now. They were born March 8th, 2016. I think one of them may have imprinted on me and that may be why it freaks out? But it doesn't matter who shows up to play with them, they'll stop chirping if a human is around.

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Yes, that's what I was thinking. May not have imprinted on you in particular yet, but human-shaped individuals. When you leave, it's like mama (the source of all comfort) is abandoning them. Not as big of a deal when there are lots of other chicks to keep you company, but Gizmo only has Frodo. Obviously you can't be with Gizmo all the time, so as long as everything else seems to be in order and you don't want to immediately expand your flock with other chicks, I'd say the little guy may just have to tough it out. Maybe he'll eventually take the cue from Frodo.
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I agree, this chick has not only imprinted on you, but it has a precocious temperament.


I had one like that years ago. Little Flo was an EE and she became one of the most lovable and intelligent hens I've ever had. She not only bonded solidly with me, but over time, she developed a "language" strictly for communicating with me that she didn't "speak" with her flock members.


When she was a chick, she would hop out onto my shoulder as soon as I opened the brooder. Even at that age, she seemed to prefer my company over that of her mates.


The demanding chirping will mellow out as your chick becomes more secure in her relationship with you. I know this sounds anthropomorphic, but it has been my experience that some chickens are more intelligent than others, and their capacity for relating to humans is greater in some than others. You may have one of these precocious ones.

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Thank you for your responses :) The chirping can be annoying, but I'm glad the little baby loves me more than anything. They grow up so fast so it won't be too long until they're outside with the rest of the flock, and hopefully they'll continue to be trusting and secure.


I agree that some chickens are definitely more intelligent than others, and I've only had chickens for a year. They all have their own little personalities and favorite foods too, like I have a chicken named Marshmellow who loves watermelon where as Oreo will bite your finger off in order to get to a tomato.


I'll tough it out and continue to shower them with love, I'm glad that this is my only problem with them so far!

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