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Broken neck?

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I woke up this morning and my smallest chick is all limp and not doing well. I think she has a broken neck. She seemed ok last night but something about her just kind of stuck out to me. She was up and moving, but has been the loudest of them all, secluded a lot. This morning at first I thought she was just sleeping, but when I saw another chick just walk over her and she didn't move I knew something was wrong. I picked her up and she was so limp. Just hanging her head, peeping and moving her legs a little bit but her head just flops. I don't know what to do. This is my first time raising chicks. I'm so sad ­čśó
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How old is she?
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Not even a week old. They just arrived at tractor supply on Tuesday.
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Try to get her to drink some water with SaveAChick electrolytes by dipping her beak. As a substitute, use a pinch of salt and a tsp of sugar to a quart of warm water, or use pedialyte, or gatorade. Massage her a little gently to wake her, hopefully she is not too far gone. How warm is your brooder lamp?

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The brooder is about 80-90 degrees depending on where the thermometer is. I tried some sugar water and she kind of acted like she was startled. But again, her head just flopped around. That's when she did open her eyes. But it was like that little movement expelled all of her energy she might have had left. and her breathing got slower than it had been. Which was slow. I'm prepared for her to be "gone" when I go home to check at lunch time.
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Unfortunately, she is showing a lot of the signs of failure to thrive.
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She's gone ­čśó
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I am sorry. ­čśó but, let me assure you there was probably nothing you could have done. Not even if you had gotten her to a vet.
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I'm very sorry about your lose... I know how it feels but if she had a broken neck there wasn't much you could of done.
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