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Glad she is doing better. Your situation is a bit odd. For so many birds to be effected I would think it was either exposure to something toxic or a nutritional deficiency. It may be they suffered some sort of injury but for so many to have the same symptoms is weird. It could be that the smyptoms meant they couldn't eat or drink and that is why they passed.

I would check their feed and make sure it has all the right nutrients. Make sure corn isn't more than 25% of their diet because it doesn't provide much in the way of nutrition. When giving them apple make sure there are no seeds. Apple seeds are toxic.

If this happens again I would do what you did this time. Seperate them to a place with easy acces to food and water. Check for any signs of injury on the legs, making sure you check the joints and the bottom of the feet. Good luck.
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Thank you for your advise Lomine, you would not think yesterday she was dragging herself, I did notice also yesterday how her head was very weak and her eyes were very shaky I actually thought she was having a fit. Just can't believe today how she is she only has a handful of corn late afternoon and pure layers in the morning, and no I never give seeds to them.
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Can you post videos on here? Has I do have a video of her dragging herself
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Sorry I never tried to upload a video on this site so I don't know how.
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