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dog bite.

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hi everyone, a few days ago my hen was attacked by a dog. she is eating and drinking and still laying eggs, but she is limping badly. i cant see any blood, but their is a small puncture wound on her thigh. i got terra- vet today but would welcome any advice. she is not moving around much at all and cant make it up the steps to the hen house. please help!

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Welcome to BYC!

Clean the wound and apply some vetericyn or plain neosporin.

Is the wound infected?

You may want to isolate her for a couple of day, something like a small dog kennel in the run or even fence in a small area, this way she is with the flock, but is limited in movement until she has a chance to heal.

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Thanks. I put her on terra-vet. The wound is small but it seems she can barely walk on it.anyone know how long it takes a chicken to heal up?
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