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Hen making funky sound

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Hello all. 

So I came home earlier to today and noticed that one of my hens is making a funny sound. She makes it repeatedly, almost as a cat would purr (it is not chicken purring to my knowledge, though I can't say I know for sure what that is lol) I just know I have never heard any of my 15-ish birds do this sound in the 2 plus years I have had chickens. 


She seems to be eating okay. She is blind in one eye and has always been more skittish of the flock when treats are dropped, so that is a hard thing to judge in general on her.


Anyone have any thoughts? I am trying to figure out how to upload a video of it, so it can be heard. (Can anyone help with this, I have uploaded photos before, never a video though... but it seems to not be letting me do anything right now?)


Thank you.

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If u want to upload a video there is a button next to the picture thing that sort looks like a piece of film
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Or u can even use the picture thing
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Yeah, I saw that and it wasn't letting me do squat at first. Now it is fine, but says I need a URL of the video... I don't know what site to trust to upload to for that, as I have never done it before... I assume that is my only way? 

Also, i tried the regular photo upload after refreshing... it is too big. :(

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Try uploading it to YouTube and then just post a link of the video
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Roada... I wondered if I would have to resort to youtube...

An update though-- whatever it was, she stopped doing it by the next morning. And is definitely acting normal.
Anyhoo, thanks everyone. smile.png
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Ok well I am glad she is better but now I have a hen limping because my rooster chased her when he gets all Frisky in the morning and chased her out of the house trying to catch her to mount her and she flew down the Ramp and now she is limping
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Eeks. I think we are going to have to butcher out a rooster soon. We have a set of almost 2 year old brothers we hatched out. They already ran dad out, whom I rehomed for his own good... this time we eat!! lol

Hope your hen gets well quickly!
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Ya thanks make some homemade chicken noodles with cooked chicken and even make some broth
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Ya I have some hatching to I only have two so far but he first two are hens
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