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Limp leg

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Today while tending my birds I noticed one of my RSL laying on her side unable to move. When I picked her up, I noticed that one leg is completely limp. With her right leg, she can stand and hop, and will try to perch on my arm. With her left, there is no movement, and she cannot even tuck it up under her. So far I am unaware what caused this injury. Right now she is in a small dog cage with food and water to restrict her movement. Has anybody heard of this type of issue before? I can't find any information about this kind of thing online.

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How old is she, and was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? Mareks is a virus that can cause paralysis in one or both legs or wings, and a limp or twisted neck. She also could have suffered a severe leg injury. Keeping her penned up near food and water, and adding some poultry vitamins to her water would good so that you could observe her. Hopefully it isn't Mareks, but if you lose her, it would be good to get a necropsy done by your state vet to look for a cause. Keep us updated on her condition if you will.

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As far as I know she was never vaccinated. We got her from TSC over two years ago so she's about 2 years. The only change in environment is a new bird that was a rescue from a downtown shopping center, but we kept her quarantined for 2 months before introducing her.
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The risk with bringing in a new bird, is that it could have been a carrier for Mareks disease. For instance if there had been Mareks in the flock before, the new one could have been vaccinated or immune to the disease, but still be a carrier. Your chickens can become symptomatic within 3 to 4 weeks of exposure. Mareks can cause paralysis, eye changes, and tumors in the body. Hopefully, it is not Mareks, but if you should lose her, a necropsy would give you some answers. I do hope she recovers. Here are some links to state vets and others who perform necropsies:


Here are some links to read about Mareks disease:

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