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Compatible breeds ?

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Good morning,


We are brand new to chickens have our first 4 currently in our brooder in the living room. We got Buff Orpington to start as they are so friendly. My goal is to have 8 or 10 in my flock total. I was thinking of adding a really good egg layer such as a RIR, Some egg color so an EE or Cuckoo Marans and then a Silkie as they are so pretty. Now I am rethinking things as first I am having a hard time getting chicks in my area. By the time I call to see if any are available they are all sold. Second someone said I cannot keep Silkies with the bigger breeds. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what will go well with my Orps? We are in MA so they also need to e a bit cold hardy.



Karen in MA

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Where in MA are you?

Silkies would probably be fine with docile large breeds. The few we have get along fine with my Faverolles. They only come straight run so you may end up with cockerels.

RIR tend to be bossy and dominant. You may want to check out softer breeds like Austrolorps, Brahmas, Faverolles or Cochins. Though Cochins aren't the best layers.
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We are in Framingham.
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Chickens personalities vary, but generally if they have enough room and space they get along fine, even big and small breeds... If they are in a small confined area or small coop issues are much more likely...
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