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Here is a link to a good breeder in your state. 

Might be good for you to get in contact with them and ask them some Silkie questions.

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Ok thanks
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Originally Posted by Roada Red View Post

Well when I call tomarrow I am going to give them my email and have them send me a few pics of there best stock and see what u guys think

This is a good sign that you realize we are trying to make sure that someone with a bunch of junky chickens isn't just trying to take your money and run ! Just because someone tells you they are a "Breeder" does not mean that they know anything at all about what breeding show quality chickens. We really do wish you all of the luck in the world with your dreams. But, read Blooie's post very carefully, she is a very wise woman!
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Originally Posted by Blooie View Post

Okay, I'm going to bring up the elephant in the room.  Exactly WHY do you want to breed chickens, specifically Silkies?  Because they're cute?  So are daddy long legged spiders to some people, so that's not a good reason.  Because you know a lot about chickens?  I know a lot about submarines, but that doesn't make me qualified to run one.  To make money?  Any good, reputable breeder of anything from dogs to ducks can tell you that if you are doing it right - absolutely, totally right - you'll be lucky to break even.

I love it when young people become enthusiastic about things, especially when it's something that is a bit out of the usual for someone their ages.  So the last thing I'd want to do is throw cold water on your joy in planning this.  But that's the problem.  You haven't really planned this.  You decided, then you made all of your answers fit your idea of how things are done.  Good people with a lot more experience than I have in the world of chickens have given you extremely good advice, pointed you in good directions, and asked you questions aimed at making you think.  But every time they do, you have a fast, short, "I know what I'm doing" answer.  But you don't.  It's been suggested that you join a Silkie club or at the very least buy some breed specific literature.  You don't want to do that either. You aren't even familiar with the most basic terms want Npip certification but don't know what that is. You want to breed show quality but don't know what the SOP is. You want to buy show quality but you don't know a 4-H show from a Grange show.  

So here's a compromise for you.  Get your coop and run built.  Either find a breeder close to you (one you can describe with more answers than "I don't know" and one who is proud to share photos of his/her setup and birds) or order some Silkies from a hatchery.  Raise them successfully.  If you'd like to hatch a few backyard Silkie chicks, go for it and love every minute of it.  But don't set yourself up for disappointment before you even start.  Every kid needs a dream and a chance.  Having two disabled granddaughters, I know that all too well.  But slooowww down.  Learn first! You don't graduate from high school, walk into a multi million dollar company and demand to start your working career as the CEO - you have to work your way up to it!  These are living, breathing creatures who deserve the best we can provide for them, not instant projects we can discard when things don't go our way.

So many super people on here will bend over backwards to mentor you - to guide you - to give you every bit of encouragement and help they can.  Let them.  Learn from them.  And in less time than you even realize, you'll be the one folks will go to for answers. You could even become the go-to expert on all things Silkie!  That will happen if you keep this enthusiasm and determination you've shown going. But if you dive in too quickly and it doesn't all work the way you think it will, I'm afraid you'll give up, and I'd sure hate to see that happen!

Ok well let me get things strait I don't give up if something doesn't go my way and when we get animals they get fed and
Clean water every day and they stay at our house until they die but I know I am ready to do this I know my chicken stuff and help a lot of people on here with there problems but I know I need to read and learn more about the silkies and breeding. And I don't want to raise anything for money I just picked silkies because they are calm gentle birds and go broody often plus I see a lot of people own them and I like talking about chickens. I am not trying to be rube but i I don't go to the grange fair often and we don't really stick around very long except to look at the animals and walk around look at the campers and stuff and leave. And I know what npip certification means I just haven't heard to much about the sq and dq and stuff like that this is the first I have even thought about being a breeder so that's why I made this thread.
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Then by all means, learn all you can and go for it!!  We sure could use more young people like you getting involved in worthwhile activities.  I just wanted to you be very, very sure, and very, very careful who you deal with.  And I wanted you to think about the reasons why you want to do this!  I wish you all the luck in the world!

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Thank you and I don't really want hatchery ones even though I almost bought them about three times but I forced myself away from the tubs
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Ok I started the build of the breeding pen today I only got the floor the legs and two boards to screw the wall framing to and I know this stuff from helping my dad build the bigger coop and so now I am going to try and build as much of it as I can by my self
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Ok, so your family does already have chickens? See you didn't tell us that, we were under the impression you just jumped on the "aww they are cute " wagon. Good to know you do have experience. What breeds does your family already have? Let's start there and move on one step at a time. Read all the threads , website, and books you can about silkies. Google search for a silkie breeder near you and ask them as many questions as you can possibly think of and then ask 100 more. If they are good people they will be happy to oblige a young person. Most chicken people want more people to become chicken people.

I'm not a breeder but I do mix and match my breeds to try and narrow down the traits I want. I want big meaty birds that are good layers. So I started with 5 black astrolorp and mated them to a lavender orpington. Both breeds lay good and both are good size, but I was curious about a mix of the 2. See breeding can be a lot of fun and if there is something specific (egg production, meat size, broody, )you want to breed for you have to search high and low ,hatcheries, breeders, backyard flock owners, to find several birds of the same breed from different blood lines, but at the same time all carry the SOP.
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O ya I have chickens I pay for there feed and take care of them myself I have an EE rooster an Rhode Island Red hen, EE and Rhode Island Red mix hens there my favorite, and we have americauna silver penciled rock barred rock and salmon faverole mixed hens they are pretty birds and I just hatched a few of the EE and the americauna and all of those names listed so we have some new mummy's in the flock
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And I have read a few websites about silkies and breeding
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