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Lethargic, loosing weight, and green runny poo

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Ok I'm not loosing another chicken. A couple weeks ago I lost my silkie hen. She was thinner then the rest then stopped staying with the flock and then stopped eating and died. I have my rooster now doing the same. Stopped crowing, lost his pep, tail feathers dragging, will drink lots of water but will only eat if I hold the food out for him. Crop full of water. He had runny green poop, but after holding his food and making him eat last night it is back to dark brown with some runny white. I brought him inside cause another forum said sick chickens need warm temps when they are sick. I gave him Corid just in case. Food and water with low light and towel to lay on. I was wondering if it is gapeworm. Any advise welcome I'm afraid of him dying. He has very little fight in him
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Not sure if anyone can help. I realized my rooster was covered in patasites pretty sure they were lice. I feel it caused him a lot of stress and may have caused clostridium perfringens. he has all the symptoms of C.P. I gave him antibiotics by water, also dewormer, have been feeding him mushy food by syringe since now he won't eat and not really drinking anymore. Not sure if he is going to make it through the night but all I can do is hope and realize I did what I could. Any advice welcome but thought this may be educational for others. It happens really fast
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If the bugs were mites, they can definitely kill a chicken with anemia. But lice are more of a nuisance, making them itch, but can't cause C. perfringens.  He could have that, but it is in the soil. How does his crop feel--is it empty or full and puffy? If you have a vet that would look at a few of his droppings, you may be able to check for cocci, worms, and do a bacterial gram stain for C. perfringens. Many antibiotics will treat that if you can get them from a feed store.

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Thanks for responding! Well he stopped eacting crop was empty and he has been drinking a lot of water. I have been outside most of the day following the other chickens around and looking at poop. Saw white little round wiggling worms so i think my poor rooster got hit with parasites in and out. I did dewormer him yesterday also have been giving him antibiotics in water by syringe. Also have been "force feeding" him mushy feed and child pediasure which I was told was good for chickens that are not eating, also by syringe. He looks a little better but very sluggish. I put electrolytes in the water. I am in the process of de worming all the chickens. I didn't think he was going to make it through the night but seems a little more spry today. Any nourishment ideas? I'm not giving up without a fight. At least I if he doesn't make it I won't feel bad for not doing everything I can. I will try and attach the picture of the worms in the poo. Very educational I think
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I have had good luck with a little honey in the water. I think it gives them a boost.

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Thank you! Sadly he died Sunday! Was super sad! He was such a cool rooster. Took Him in for a necropsy to figure out what killed him. Should hear back soon.
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Sorry for your loss. Please post an update on the necropsy results.
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Good news and bad news. I thought it could be Mareks but as far as I understand the report it is not. Bad news if it is what I understand it to be it, it could effect my hens that my rooster breed with. Here is what the report said "L a b o r a t o r y F i n d i n g s/ D i ag n o si s
Disseminated visceral neoplasia.
Lesions are suggestive of avian leukosis that is most likely caused by avian retrovirus."
As far as I understand it mimics Mareks but is not spread throuough dander but Mites or Lice such as I saw severely on my rooster before he died. Very hard to see lice and eggs on white fluffy silkie rooster btw. I will post awebsite I was reading about Avien Leukosis. Please anyone that understands this report differently please let me know.
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Sorry about your rooster. I think your rooster died starving. If another bird falls ill, put some glucose in their water to help retain their energy before you find out what's wrong with it. As you posted above, runny poo with high percentage of white mucos is the white bacilary dirrhea and it treated with OXYtetracycline. I lost 45 checkens before I get to know this. The green might be from grass in the free range or NDV if your chickens are not vaccinated against it.
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