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2 Day old chicks

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How much feed should they be eating at this point. The feeder had about 3 cups in it and is almost gone after 5 hours with 7 chicks. Should they have free access to the starter feed?
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I'm new to all this, but my five chicks took out the starter kit from Tractor Supply in about three days. I leave the feeder in the brooder and just keep it full. I figure they eat when they get hungry.
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Yes, they should have free access to food. They will demolish the food at an astounding rate, but they also will waste quite a bit if you don't take steps. I would elevate the feeder so the openings are about shoulder-height. Also, if you put the feeder on something like paper towels, then they can see the feed they've spilled better and may clean it up.
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