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Help! Adult chicken pasty butt?

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Hi everyone!

I have a SF hen that has what looks like an adult version of past butt (poop on her feathers under her vent), bt she also has something coming out of her vent. I took a pic. I tried pulling on it a little bit, but there was enough resistance I stopped. Other than this, she is fine. Eats, drinks, hasn't layed in a couple of days, but that's not unusual. Can ano=yboby tell me what it is and what I can do for her? I've cut away most of the dried, stuck together, poopy feathers, but need to soak her rear. I just want to get some advice before I start.


The yellowish stringy thing is what's stuck.

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Could it be the membrane of a soft shell-less egg? I would soak her in some warm soapy or Epsom salts water, and try to get all of the droppings off. Try to get a clear picture of the vent.

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I did find a shell-less egg in the poop tray last week, so I would say it's possible.Getting her to hold still for another pic or to have her but soaked is another! But thank you, I would never have thought of that as the issue. She has also laid an egg since the shell-less episode, so if that were the issue, how would I get that out? I was afraid to pull on it once I felt resistance.
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Also, the egg she laid after the shell-less, was calcium coated. I've also found a soft shelled egg. She's almost a year old and only just started laying. She didn't molt, and I put crushed egg shell out a couple of times a week, so maybe to much calcium?
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No, that is not too much calcium. She will take what her body says to take.Since she is a new layer, she may get things worked out soon. If the membrane is still hanging out, then I would pull it out.  Here is an article about egg quality problems that is interesting to read:

Just make sure that she doesn't have a prolapsed vent, which would be red internal tissue. Here is a picture of a prolapse:



photo by armorfirelady

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No, she definatey hasn't prolapsed, thank goodness. And she's completely normal otherwise. Scratching, eating, drinking, dirt baths, all totally normal. Once my husband gets home and we are able to check her, if the membrane is still hanging out, and I do attempt to pull it out, how much tugging is too much? I don't want to hurt her. I have been watching her and took pics of a couple of her poos today. One was kimd of watery, the other was more normal. I can post the photos if necessary. And thenk you again for your help.

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Just took a look at her vent and she has finally passed it on her own. She had a bit of hard dried poop that I softened and cleaned off using a condiment squeeze bottle. All is well. Thanks for all the help!
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