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When to put chicks outside

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I currently have my baby chicks in my home. They are going very quickly and I will probably run out of room.  I live in Michigan so the weather is quite cool yet.  How old do my chicks need to be before I can place them in the garage (I will have a lamp on them) but I am unsure how much cold they can take and how big they need to be.  They are going so fast and they are starting to have more feathers than fluff.  

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If you have feathers, multiple birds and a heat lamp, your ready to move em out. An alterative to the heat lamp is a heat blanket or even the " chick cave ". I've had chicks out in sub freezing conditions this winter. Monitor food consumption as an indication of well being. Good luck.
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All asuming these are a cold hardy breed...
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The whole world doesn't have to be warm for baby chicks. They only need a warm spot to warm up under. The rest can be cold.


Imagine your chicks as little campers. They need a "campfire" at which to warm up when they get chilled. They go under the heat lamp or into a heating pad cave, get toasty warm, then when they are starting to get too hot, they leave and go where it's cool. This is called regulating their body temperature.


The fact is, it's much healthier for chicks to have a cool environment with a heat zone. When their entire brooder is kept very warm, they suffer from overheating.


Picture a broody hen sitting on eggs. The eggs hatch, and the chicks dry out under the hen. In just a few hours, the chicks are running around exploring their new world, and when they chill, they scoot back under the hen. It's 100 F under her, so they aren't going to remain under her all the time because they'd be too hot. In fact, chicks spend more time running around than they do under the hen. And the coop where they hatched is not normally heated, so this time of year in most places, it's about as cold as your place is.


So, don't worry about the chicks. Give them a heat source, make sure they don't have any drafts or dampness, and they'll do fine.

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Yes they are all cold weather breeds.  They are just starting to feather and they are getting big,  I was thinking about moving them into mTy garage because the weather here is around 30-40 and I was afraid they might get cold.  They are starting to need more home and I can supply a large area in the garage.  Wanted to keep them there until they are big enough to put in the main coop.

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Thanks for all the answers.  I just enjoy them so much and this is my first time raising chicks so I do not want to hurt or endanger them by not know what to do.  

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