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Blue chicken genetics

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I am getting a blue Ameraucana rooster, and was wondering if the offspring could ever be anything other than blue, black or splash?
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Not usually in the first generation. The extended black gene is pretty strong, dominant gene. The only color that can really hold it's one against it is Buff. You would only get splash if you bred him to another Blue or a Splash. This graphic shows the breakdown of breeding BBS.

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So.... My F1 offspring would all be black, blue or slpash ( I do have two blue EE hens) so then what would I need to breed those to to get that black gene out of there? I like blues but I don't want a whole flock of them haha
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If you take your Blue rooster and breed him with any hen that isn't solid blue/black, or solid white. pick whatever pattern and base color you like. Then if you take those chicks that are Blue from that hatch and either breed them together or breed to the patterned hen, you'll start to get some interesting things. The pattern may finally come through, but with the Blue diluting black.

That's how Blue Wheaten Ameraucana and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes were created. Obviously with a lot of line breeding back, and extensive selection. You should achieve your goal of an interesting and varied flock within a few generations. 

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Cool, thanks!
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