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Sick chick. Need help

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Hey guys

     I got 3 rhode island Reds (chicks) yesterday and my brother accidently turned off the desk lamp that was serving as their temporary heating lamp. In the morning i found 2 dead and one barely alive. I turned on that lamp, made her a small tent with an open side with the lamp out of a towel and put on a heat dish on relatively low heat. She has been weak and barely able to open her eyes. Her condition has been fluctuating between signs of recovery and improvement to signs of worsening condition and bad health. The box in which they live in is currently warm and toasty but she still wont feel better. Please help.

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Is the chick still alive? If you have some SaveAChick electrolytes, put some in her water and dip her beak to make her drink as often as you can. Keep her warm around 90 degrees F and use a thermometer on the floor of your brooder. Sorry about the accidental loss of the other chicks.

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