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Sick Chick for a newbie

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Help! My 2 baby chicks were fine last night. The smaller one has had to be cleaned due to pasty butt a few times, but was running around with the other last night. Came out this morning to find her laying on her side, and lifeless. She is still breathing (although heavily) and chirping some. Trying to syringe feed water now. Is it too late? Any tips for a newbie?
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One of our chicks, the smallest of the group, was also not eating as much these last two days and this morning was on her back chirping, unable to get up. I put the chick's beak into some water without putting it into the chick's nostrils and she drank. I also wetted some corn meal with water and she ate a bit more. Electrolytes can be given too. But, it's been my experience when they get to this point, the chicks sadly die. The other chicks I have are fine and have grown even in a couple of days where our sick chick really hasn't. I'll keep nursing it today and keep it warm but the writing may be on the wall.



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That's what I was afraid of. She is the runt & the other seems to be growing faster. We are doing some sugar water at the moment, as that is what we have available. Will try some corn meal mush. Thank you for that tip!
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Generally chicks that are younger than 5 days that stop eating and start weakening are suffering from failure to thrive. There is nothing that can be done with a chick failing to thrive.
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Our little runt Easter Egger has passed. Fortunately, it was quick for her, but sad.

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Oh no, I'm so sorry. Thankful it was quick for her though. Ours is still holding on. I've been syringe feeding water & tried to feed some eggs. She had perked up some after the water. We'll see what happens in the next day.
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