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3 week old chick... something wrong!

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First off let m start by saying how wonderful and informative this website has been to me for almost a year. Last June, i bought 20 RIR, Cuckoo marans and black australorps at 3 days old. I raised them inside until they were 6 weeks old. Built their coop then put them out there. They are now 41 weeks old and absolutely precious! I also bought 5 (ameraucana, cochin maran, white cochin, orpington batam cochin and a buff orpington) in august. I get 19 eggs every day. I lost the orpington batam to the terrible flood we had in south carolina in october. I lost a cuckoo maran to sour crop because i caught it too late and i lost my beautiful whiye cochin to a feeder accident. (The feeder which had the big round cylinder with the pan at the bottom, the spring had caught her in the beak and i guess she flapped so much she broke her neck). Its spring time now and im loving the weather. I also got chick fever and i now have 36 ( barred rock, buff orpington, amber star, RIR, and ameraucana) more that i have in a nice set up in my house. We also bought a big wooden cabin shed that we are going to use as our new coop with a bigger run and bigger coop. Last night, one of my almost 3 week barred rock chick was just standing in the brooder, breathing heavy and fast, eyes closed, havent seen it eat or drink..when i picked her up, she doesnt move or anything, she just opens her eyes then closes them again. I tried giving her with a syringe some room temperature sugar water ( thought maybe she might be dehydrated ) but she barely got any down. I have no clue what to do. I raised 20 3 day old chicks without any problems except a couple had pastey butt but this time around, i have a new experience. Any ideas or suggestions? Anything i can do? Thanks!
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You haven't had a bad learning curve with all those chickens. Stuff happens, and some become victims.

Now you've got one chick out of all these new ones showing signs of being seriously ill. From the description of what its doing, you will probably lose it, and it's not due to anything you have done wrong. It may be some genetic flaw that has acted as a sort of time bomb and is now manifesting.

But you need to remove it from the others on the off chance that it's something that may infect the others, then watch the others carefully. You may need to administer a medication once you determine what may be going on, such as coccidiosis, a bacterial infection, etc.

If you go post on the Emergencies forum with all the symptoms, the folks over there my be able to help you determine what's going on and advise you on how to medicate.
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Okay. I appreciate the information. Im still fairly new to posting here and havent learned a the ins and outs of this website. But thank you very much, ill go post. And by the way, i took her out from the others and have her in a box with food and water to herself.
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