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Frost bite

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Hey everyone, I picked up a very nice show quality light Sussex rooster yesterday, he has frost bite on his comb, just on the tips. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it ?
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Try putting some oils on it like coconut oil or even just try some petroleum jelly
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And if u can u can bring him inside and keep him in a very warm room it brings the color back to its comb and wattles
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No there is nothing that can be done about it if it is frostbitten. Sometimes it will improve if not completely frostbitten, but if it is black it's probably permanent. I usually don't bother mine, and they will dry up and eventually become rounded off at the tips. Nest year you won't notice it. If you want to put something on it to help prevent infection, use Vetericyn wound spray or plain bacitracin or neosporin ointment. The frostbitten comb is very sensitive to pain, so don't massage or handle it too much. Do not break blisters. Here are a couple of articles to read about it:

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Actually I had brought mine inside and went back to his normal red color
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I have seen one improve within a couple of days, but if they are black within a few days, it's usually permanent.

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Yes I agree with u there but mine had improved within and hour
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Thanks so much guys, it's just the very tips of the comb not the whole comb and not the wattles so I'll try putting him next to the wood stove for a couple days and see if that helps.
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I just put mine in a dog carrier and stuck him in the bathroom next to a heater and when the furnace and the heater is on in the bathroom with the door closed it gets probably about 80-100 degrees and the back of his comb went from white to red and I put some coconut oil on his comb and wattles and he was all good
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