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Bubbly eye can I use Clilndamyacin

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Bantam: She has a bubbly eye with a squeak that comes out of her.

What is this ?

I have Clindamyacin can I use this.

I called tsc for Tylan 50 they don't have it.

Thank you.


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It sounds like possibly a respiratory infection. They normally carry Tylan 200 at TSC, but you would only use 1/4 the dose. As far as the clindamycin, it can be used in most animals, but I don't know a dosage, but here is a list of things that it treats in humans and the second one is about animal use:

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I called another tsc here in Omaha and she has it.

So I use the Tylan 50 injectable and take out 1/4 cc in a syringe orally ?

is this correct ?

Thank you

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Yes, that is correct for a bantam, and give that twice daily for 3-5 days. I hope it helps.

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