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Rooster NOT DOING his job!

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I have 7 silkie hens and one silkie rooster. 2 black 2 buff and 3 white. Silkie rooster is white. They are all almost one year old. They are all happy and healthy. My problem is he will not mate with the white hens. I've cracked their eggs and they aren't fertilized so I know he's not keeping his business private. I've let him free range without the other color girls distracting him for 2 weeks. Him and his white silkie girls out only. He crows, does his dip wing dance, even bites their heads to get into position but can't seem to mount and "kiss cloacas"
I've tested my theory and as soon as the buff and black girls are let out he goes RIGHT TO WORKūüė° for them. I see puckering and shaking and I'm POSITIVE he has serviced them! I did notice that they squat and stay in position better than the others but he does not really put much effort into servicing the white girls. I'm keeping him from everyone at night. He is in a rabbit cage in the coop with everyone but doesn't have access to anyone. I've also put him and a white girl in a breeding cage for a day.. Also to no avail.
Their fuzzy buts are trimmed (that's why I know the cloaca kissing has gone on with the other colors)
Anyone had this problem? How was it resolved? I am desperate!! I want some white chicks! Thank you in advance wink.png
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Maybe you're stressing him, wanting him to service the white ones only?   How big is the 'breeding cage' ?  When you let him service the black & buff, are they in the cage?  If not perhaps try letting him service the white ones outside of the cage, it may stress them being "locked up".  I'm just guessing, hopefully someone else has better ideas?

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I've allowed him to be with the black hens and then I put them in their aviary. The breeding cage is just a big rabbit hutch. But I have allowed the white hens and him to be out in the yard free ALL week for hours and hours. Especially this weekend! He goes through the motions dancing, wing spreading and even biting their heads. He just never goes through with the actual mating. It's SOO very frustrating. Thank you for replying;)
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