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Chicken seems to have no energy

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1) I have a one year old Rhode island red who seems to be a healthy weight.
2) She seems to not be very respondent and just wants to sleep. Upon examining notice some of the feathers on her stomach are gone but that seems to be the only external problem.
3) She doesn't respond much, let us pick her up with no problem and was pretty much falling asleep in my arms (which is not usual) when you put a little weight on her she seems to loose her balance. Doesn't want to move around much.
4) None of our other birds are showing any symptoms.
5) Doesn't seem to be any injury or signs of trauma.
6) clueless as to what has caused this.
7) All she is eating is a layer crumble hasn't eaten anything sense we have separated her and water.
8) Hasn't pooped sense shes been in but hasn't been in very long only noticed her about 30 min ago.
9) Have not administered any kind of treatment except moving her to the front porch in a old dog crate and separated her from the other birds.
10 ) want to treat completely myself
11)Usually housed in a coop with pine shaving bedding and straw in the run and the nesting boxes. Has access to water with the horizontal nipples and a layer crumble.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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Can you post a picture of how she stands around?
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You could try treating her with Corid, she may have coccidiosis.
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where might i find this?.... although all stores are closed so probably wouldn't be able to get it till tomorrow... anything i can do for her tonight?

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Corid is a medicine for cattle, a powder you mix in the drinking water for the whole flock. You will find it at your feed store.
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ok thanks.  Will buy this tomorrow and give her a dose as well as the rest of the flock.  It won't hurt to do the rest of the flock as well right?

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You should do the entire flock.
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what is the dosage of the powder per gallon of water?

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This is not a solution but may help with energy. Nutri-Cal which can be found at pet supply stores or even tractor supply.I have a sick hen that was not eating well,I'm giving her it daily and her eating and energy level had improved  even though she is still ill. Best of luck!

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