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Need some advice about aviaries

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Hi my husband is curious about having an outdoor aviary. We live in Texas near the Houston area and we aren't really sure how to go about it. We were thinking something around 8'-9' high 6' wide and 12' length is that a good size? And what could we keep in it? My husband really wants something that we could keep multiple of. I grew up with doves but they stayed in small cages and I'm not sure how they would do in an outdoor aviary but that was maybe what he had in mind but I don't think he really knows either. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense or if it's in the wrong place. Thank you so much for y'alls help
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It all comes down to personal taste.


Do you like modern, rustic, etc


Does the aviary have to fit with in a certain décor.


These may seem strange questions but you will probably spend many hours watching the birds and you don't want something that doesn't suit your taste. I had a modern stainless / aluminum / plastic aviary and i never liked it. 

  I built a more rustic one out of wood that seemed to blend into the background under a large oak tree and once the wood got a little age to it and went from a bright yellow to a rustic red i was happy.


Another consideration is how much are you willing to spend.

  I build a 6'9" by 11'6" , 7' front sloping to 6' rear. The materials cost around $500-$600 for a rustic looking aviary.

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