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She had poop issues the week we've had her. Her vent is consistently clear but she keeps getting poop stuck on her feathers around her vent. Today i soaked her butt in warm water for the first time, she actually enjoyed it. Then I noticed her trying to poop, chirping a lot, and nothing coming out. Her vent although slightly protruding, doesnt feel impacted. Upon watching her closely, I noticed she was swollen on one side. Her crop was very full. It was late afternoon so i thought maybe she was just full. But she just doesn't seem right. She's only eating medicated starter, chic grit, and finely ground up oatmeal a few times. She is still eating and drinking. Just doesnt seem to be passing much poop at all when she goes and her crop feels very hard. Ive added acv (organic) and probiotic to their water. What else can I do for her? Ive watch a video on flushing an adult hen's crop, just dont think a chick could handle that.
Update: after withholding food all night her crop isn't as hard, more squishy. But it is still quite large. She also pooped in my hand and it seems rather normal.
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