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I thought asking how to dispose of a body showed indepth planning on the OP's part, also.
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So I'm a bit confused on what you are doing or trying to do.


You asked about getting a duckling (or more) as a pet and really only want one.

Then you mentioned a friend gave you her ducks

then she hasn't given them to you yet

and then that you will get them in the summer



Are you getting ducks of your own or preparing to take your friends ducks this summer?

Does your friend have her ducklings now? If so, they will be full grown by summer and you will be dealing with full sized ducks. 



If your friend just got ducklings and no longer wants them, now is the time to start listing them on CL and at farm stores since people are adding to their flock in the spring.

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First question. When will you be receiving them.

Second question. How many of them will you receive.

Third question. How old are they.

Fourth question. What city and state do you live in. You are honestly not in a good position to receive them. Don't play the game alone. If you were anywhere near West Central Louisiana I'd offer to take them. I'm sure we have users here willing to help you.
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