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Hidey hole inside coturnix pens...

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So I'm in the progress of turning an old rabbit cage and some other desk things I found into quail pens. The rabbit cage has two sections that at 3x3 n the desks are 3x2 I'd like to put some type of hidey hole for the females to feel safe to lay eggs or to get out of the weather break from walking on wire etc. What kind of hidey hole(s) do you guys have inside your quail pens? Pictures would be awesome!

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My cages are roughly 2' x 4' x 10" tall. I put a piece of 1/4" plywood at one end to section it off so it's about a foot wide. Cut out a 6" x 6" opening for them to go through. Inside that is a plastic floor I cut from a rubbermaid tote and zip tied to the floor.

It's not a great photo but it's the only one I have right now. It's just a little space so they can get alone. Some like to lay in it, some do not.


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Cut the top off a milk jug lay it on its side thats what i used. They could also use a sand box they love it.
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Mine are Bobwhites, but I wanted to give them escape/hiding routes in case something got into their aviary. I wound up using an old rado/tv cabinet, putting a couple of holes in the wall of one storage section, and taking the back off completely. The front speaker grill is now a clear plexi pane with a wire floor and their dust bath. A branch leads up to the tv section, which is now a steel grate, and that's stuffed with pine shavings. They have two 3" holes to pop through, leading to a cubby hole and another hole through to the lower section. The floor is lined with rubberized cork so it can wash off.


The aviary started life as a crate furniture style sofa, with a half a door panel hinged onto the bottom as a clean out hatch. It has a human sized door, a small hinged screened door for tossing in scraps, and a bigger hatch toward the rear for adding in branches and trimmings. The floor of the aviary is an old raised garden bed full of compost, forked over and then heavily layered with dry leaves and pine shavings.



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Giving me some good ideas so far guys thanks for the input!! Awesome looking aviary lounge! I'd love to get some snowflake bobwhite but right now all I have is an old raised wire floor rabbit cage that is sectioned off in two 3 x 3 ft sections. I'm thinking its a little small for a trio of snowflakes. 😕
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