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They're here!

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We drove down to my friends and picked out baby chicks! They were 2 days old so I think I was able to feather sex them successfully. We want 3-4 adults in the end so he said to grab 8-10 (chicken math?!) and if they all live we can give some away.

They're all happy little babies. So they've successfully made it through the night. Got temps good so they're lounging about. As I was writing this one sprinted across the brooder, bopped his head on a roosting branch, fell back a little, and looked thoroughly confused. I love this!
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Welcome to the world of chickens! We started out only wanting a few and now we have over 30! lol Chicken math is like he said you buy more on the basis that some may die, but hopefully yours will stay healthy and you can enjoy what we all love! They do become like your children ya know! lol

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Were in the city limits so we're going to limit ourselves, even if there's no laws. I already love them 😊 2 are beginning to get leg fuzz. One has fuzzy toes and the other has little feather chaps!
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Welcome your babies are adoreable.  There is nothing better then watching chick tv.  :D I used to pull up a chair by the brooder and just sit and watch them.  

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Already doing that! Hehe 😉
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