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Free beautiful Rooster!

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Greetings - we were handed a beautiful golden buff(?) rooster in a bag yesterday..someone had found him by a freeway & knew we used to have chickens. We are currently chicken-less for a bit & need this guy to find somewhere to be asap. He didn't crow this morning, seems healthy & pleasant enough, we just don't need him now. Please help rescue this guy! We're in Highland Park.





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Hey I would love him I am by San gabriel do you mind bringing him to me please? Please send me a private message here, angie. I raise roosters and hens

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I have a few questions for you before we proceed.
- How many chickens do you have, what ages are they, and what breeds?
- Do you have other animals too?
- Do you have a house or an apartment?
- Do you keep your animals inside, or outside?

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Gave u my number. Why didn't call me to ask...?
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Thank you "Angie",
I'm not interested. I'm gonna keep my rooster boys to myself.
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He's gone - thanks!

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