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Living quarter ideas for my ducklings...?

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I have chicks and chickens, but I'm new to ducks. We have 3 ducklings who are currently 2 weeks old. At one week I had to move them from a large plastic storage bin to mine and my husbands bath tub. So far it's worked out great! I laid puppy pads along the bottom of the tub, makes majority of clean up easy, then I fill the tub for them to swim and when I drain it the rest of the mess gets rinsed down the drain. Perfect!

Well, now they're 2 weeks old, bigger and messier, I'm worried it's going to start stinking our room up so I would like to figure out something else. It's still too cold where we live for me to put them in the coop and they're still too little to be out with the big chickens.

Any ideas???
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do you have a garage you can set them up in? duckling mess can stink and the stink doesn't go away easily once it is there

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I brooded my first ducklings in the tub last year and i'm going to do it again  this year due to construction in the area where I wanted to brood them.


The smell does get worse as they get bigger.


I cleaned the tub daily last year and I used very old bed sheets that I replaced almost every day, depending on dirt level.  I also used oxyclean to clean the tub every day.



Around 5 to 6 weeks they may be big enough to  get out of the tub.  Watch for signs of that :).  Mine didn't actually get out but they were trying to jump up on top of the brinsea brooder so I knew it was time to move them.


This year i'm trying coop deodorizer ( sweet pdz) in the bathroom to help with the smell. I don't know if it will work but I hope it does.

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No garage. We have a storage shed that we keep our tools and snowmobiles in, I went to IFA today and looked at stock tanks. I think we're gonna put one of those in the shed with a heat lamp. I'm just not sure how I'm going to provide them water to play in while they're in the shed. Once all their feathers come in I can start letting them out during the day to play in the chicken run with the others, can't I?
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My tub will definitely need a good scrub down with some oxyclean before I ever use it again!
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