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need help

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i live on a farm. i help save the unwanted. first batch 2 out of 10 died. figured because they were like the weak links n could be why. they came from a not so good area n were picked on alot. the others no issues. then saved another 30. almost every day since two weeks ago thought something was getting into my farm n killing them. but the ones i saw whole n uneatened by my pigs. sigh. had nothing visible to suggest were killed by an outsider. its starts with cough. sneeze. n what not. one i watched it litterally have a seizere n then there was a bunch of mucas around its face when we went to figure what was what when it finally stopped moving. what is taking my chickens down. hasnt affected the ducks. or the pigs. but my turkey is now coughing. n dang it i really do not wish to loose anymore. sounds upper respiratory to me. some advice would be much appreciated. n thank u. 


have clean hay n straw. fresh water n food each day. no changes minus being moved to a bigger free range area with fencing where before they were confined with hundreds of others in a little area. 

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Welcome to BYC. You probably have a chronic respiratory disease in your flock, and it will continue to infect each chicken exposed to your chickens. I would suggest if you lose another,  that you send a sick or dead chicken into your state vet for a necropsy to find a cause of death. Then when you have a diagnosis, you can post here again, and we can help you. It is great that you are trying to save these chickens, but so many chicken diseases will make carriers of the whole flock for life.

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ive already found that out. took out some of mine. some of the new ones. but other ones seemed to have no issue. never have seen this before n i have been saving chickens quite some time just not from the recent place. is there something special i can do for them, to help eliminate. or do i let it run its course. all and advice is appreciated. thank u in advance

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What I would do is to call the state vet at your Dept. of Agriculture, and ask about either getting some tested or sacrificing a sick one to get a necropsy. It would be good to know what it is, whether it is a virus or a bacterial disease that may be treated with antibiotics. Many diseases, such as MG, coryza, and ILT will make your whole flock carriers for life, whether they get sick or not. Something like infectious bronchitis will only make them carriers for a year. So check with the state vet or your local extension agent and they should give you info.

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thank u for the info. working with some people that work with them to try to get to the bottom of it all. thank u again for the info. 

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