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Prolapsed vent?

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Hey all,


I have a chicken who's vent is not looking good. Her vent was very messy and part of it looked like it was hanging out. I gave her a bath in warm water for about 30 minutes and cleaned the area. It seemed to have retracted and she was able to poop. I just checked on her again, though, and it seems to have happened again. Any tips as to what to do? Just repeat the process? Push it back in?



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Just checked on her again and it looks like her vent has once again retracted, but it's still a little swollen although I guess that's probably normal. Will keep an eye on her and keep this thread updated.


If anyone cares, I separated her from the rest of the flock, gave her water (keeping her off food for a little bit, but if that's not advised let me know), etc. She's the head chicken from her coop so she wasn't being picked on at all which is good.

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Apply some honey, sugar, or Preparation H to reduce swelling, and then push it back inside, and hold it there for 10 minutes (use a rubber glove, and watch some TV.) It is common for it to come back out. Hopefully it will eventually stay in. If she is laying eggs, then you will need to place her in the dark for 16 hours overnight every 24 hours to stop her from laying. It also may help to stop her if you reduce the protein in her feed. Not all hens will survive prolapse, but many will.

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Thanks for the advice.


She was fine all of yesterday and seems fine today as well. Is it safe to put her back in her main coop or should I keep her separated for a little longer? 

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I would get her back to the flock as soon as possible, but watch to make sure they aren't attacking her. A cage or crate for the day unlees you can observe them would be good. Usually mine don't even notice if they are gone only a day or two. 

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