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New coop build for my new flock

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Finally got a start on my new and first coop, it will be 4x6 with a 14x6 run attached. Was not sure about the chicken door size so I made 12x14". More pics to follow as we make progress. The coop itself is raised 2' off the ground.
Thanks for looking Tom.
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I'm also building a coop for my new flock, it's so exciting, isn't it?:D

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Yes,it is how big of a coop are u building. I am kind of winging it no prints my only concern now is how the get enough roosting space and the nest box built in. I see u are from Johnstown Ny. That is funny as I am from Johnstown Pa.
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I just now saw the locations, thats great!  The base frame is 48" by 97", positioning the uprights for the coop tomorrow.  The floor plan for the actual closed in area *should* and up being 48" by about 54",, with exterior/extending nesting boxes, but as I am buying all my lumber from the cull section at Home Depot (70% off? yes please!) it may be a little off.  Exerything is going to be fenced on the coop/tiny run, but will also be constructing an 8'x8' expansion pen for when I can't keep an eye on them.  I have 4 dogs who are pretty gently but if a 180lb dog steps on a chicken, lol, it's gonna be a bad time. Will be a mobile coop as well (tractor?) and I plan on posting photos of how the builds going once I have some more photos.  I'm going to do a gambrel roofline to maxamize the most space for the roosts.


First coop, guess it's time to go all out.  :weee

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