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Is this normal?

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Sorry not great quality, this is one of my Easter Eggers I got 3/3/16 should only be a week or so old and it looks uncomfortable where her (or he who knows at this age) wings are getting new feathers and is currently scratching at them. Is it possible for them to bother their wings too much and irritate them? I'm sure people are getting irritated with me now cuz I've been posting since I joined (2 days ago or less) XD but please help to me it looked a little red but I'm probably worrying too much (lemme know if y'all need a better pic) and could it be possible it's growing colored feathers? (It's pure yellow turning white) thank you guys
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The pic is blurry, but yes, growing new feathers can be itchy/sensitive. May consider adding a dust bathing area for the chick.

Pale yellow down a lot of time translates into white feathers.
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Alright I figured it just didn't look like the others and wasn't sure if it was due to its color, ty
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