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Salavating Duck

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Hey everyone,

I have a duck who is approx 8 months old, twice now we have gone to emergency due to excessive salivating where thick white mucus builds up in the mouth. Quaks behaviour doesn't change, still happy, still eating, still talking but does seem a little stressed. The vet doesn't really have any answers for us so thought I'd see if anyone has experienced the same or may have some insight to the cause. My duck is in hospital now and my heart breaks. I am now looking for a duck vet around the parramatta NSW area so if anyone has any referrals I would be overly appreciative.
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Is it possible he/she ate a slug? We have lots of big brown slugs here called "murder slugs" that my ducks like to eat, but they excrete a massive amount of mucus when disturbed/eaten. So the ducks have to work for awhile to rid themselves of all the slime in their mouths after eating the slugs. It can actually be dangerous if ducklings eat them because they can choke to death on all the slime. I just have to be sure to get the ducks back to water ASAP. It can take them up to 20 minutes to get all the slime under control if they've eaten several of the slugs at once.


Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there and see if maybe that is the cause for the saliva issue with your duck. 

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I checked the pen afterwards and all I could see that was out of the ordinary was crickets and sure enough a slug or two, this makes sense, thank you soooo much. Now to find a way to keep the slugs out lol
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Glad I could be of help. Now you know there is no need to rush to the vet next time. ;) Just make sure they have access to water when it happens, and maybe toss some greens into the water as well (kale, lettuce) as it seems to help them wash the slime down faster. 


Slugs and snails are a natural part of a duck's diet, so it's ok if they eat them. I'm just very careful with ducklings, and also watch my older ones during "slug season" so that they don't over-do it. They are absolutely EVERYWHERE here during the warmer months, especially after it rains. 

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Makes so much sense caz both times it's been after the rain, could happen more than I realise as I'm at work a lot but obviously it passes on its own but and doesn't need all the medications. I still panic at 1:30am, was weird caz my rabbit woke me up to let me know something was wrong otherwise I may have been none the wiser. Thank you so very very much, I will never stop caring but maybe don't need to stress as much lol.
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No problem! It's always good to see people who care so much for their animals. It's not a bad thing to be a little protective of them. :)

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