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I'm sorry for your loss:hugs

I think having her tested is a good idea.

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I'm still waiting to hear back from the lab as it's appointment only. Should I put her in the fridge?
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I'm still waiting to hear back on the necropsy. Has anyone ever had one done? What kind of results can I expect to get back? Will they be able to give me a definite as far as what killed her or if she had any sort of disease?

My remaining sick pullet is not doing well. I don't think she's going to last much longer. It's like she can't control her legs. They aren't paralyzed, but I keep finding her with one foot over her neck pushing her own face down in her bedding. It's just weird.
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I'm sorry she is declining.

Were you able to get any vitamins for her? Is she able to eat and drink?

I assume you have her separated.

You might want to look at making her a sling so she is a bit more upright.

It sounds like she could smother if she continues having her face pushed down in the bedding.

As far as necropsy reports go, I am not sure what information you will receive. Eggcessive or Casportpony are more knowledge on that subject.

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I've found her that way twice. It's hard to move her leg. It's like the muscles are tight. She generally stays the way I sit her. It happens when she tries to move around. She can still eat and drink. Added vitamins haven't helped.
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We may have to put her down. She seemed to be doing better for a while, but she went downhill again. I was taking her out into the front yard away from the other chickens so she could get some sunshine and peck around. She hasn't been interested in it.

I keep checking my email obsessively waiting on the necropsy report. I assume I may not hear anything until next week if I don't get an email soon.
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I was hoping the necropsy could tell me what was going on so hopefully I could help the other one.
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You may not hear until next week. Today is Good Friday. Depending on where you live a lot of places are closed today.

I know you don't want to hear that, but it may ease your mind as to why you haven't heard yet.:hugs

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It's been so crazy around here I totally forgot about Easter. Completely slipped my mind. We run our own business, so we rarely ever leave town because we are tied to the shop all week long. I haven't been out of town in... forever. Then there I was driving an hour 1 way to deliver a dead chicken to the poultry lab. Because this all happened right at our daughters 5th birthday. Also dieting... so my mind is just not there. Lol. I went grocery shopping for a few things tonight and it was NUTS. I was like, "What in the world is wrong with people and why are they sold out of everything?" My husband, who is Jewish, had to remind me about Easter.
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