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She seems perky when I pick her up, she is awake she does look like she's brooding. She doesn't seem to be limping. Can everyone have the save a chick o do I need to isolate her to give it to her?

U shouldn't need to isolate her to give it to her just make sure she is eating and drinking she may just grow out of it if it's nothing serious
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She is definatly eating, I saw her do it. I haven't seen her drink but she's moving fine. She really does look like she's brooding which is for sure weird lol
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Well it's possible if u have any tiny little eggs like quail eggs set one I front of her and see if she puts it under her
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U can even make one take some paper and some water and just get the paper wet and use two sheets of any kind of paper just maybe not construction paper and squish the sheets of paper together and it will dry and give u a hard ball like a golf ball I use them in the nest but once it drys see if she will try and put it under her and if she does that's what I am going with but does she have a wings down to the floor
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How is she doing? Did the electrolytes/vitamins help? I have a 2.5 week old chick having a similar issue. She walks some, but just seems to get tired of it and sit down. She is still very alert and will even continue pecking/foraging from her seated position.

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She magically started walking a day later no idea why. Maybe she really was just tired
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Excellent, and mine did the same thing, up and active today! Don't know if she just needed the vitamins or a night's rest, but she is fine 24hrs later. smile.png
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Maybe they're fake brooding lol
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