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Here is an update.  Out of my 10 chickens I have left, two have sores that have scabbed over and their feathers are beginning to grow back.  I have them in separate kennels in the garage until they are more healed.  I am applying neosporin and Blu Kote to them daily.  they seem to be doing well.  I have have two other chickens that are missing feathers but I didn't see any wounds.  As I only have three kennels for separation, I left them in the coop with the other chickens and will check in on them to make sure they don't get any more hurt.  Yesterday, I was watching my flock for a while and I think I have found the culprit of the pecking.  I could tell she was the bully as there were two times where she had one of the other hens on the ground.  I also saw her several times get part of a feather and consume it!  Since I have one extra kennel I have put the bully of the flock in that kennel and will keep her in there for at least a week.  I am hoping that a week's worth of separation will cure her aggressiveness.  I was also thinking about getting pinless peepers for when I put her back in the flock.  I really don't want to cull her so I hope separation & the peepers will do the trick. 

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What do u mean by peepers
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Are those those things were they don't get blinded by the sun of the other thing
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Even though they both say pin less peepers
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