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Hen's skin torn by rooster

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Of course this would happen to my favorite hen.

I have noticed recently that a couple of my hens are missing back feathers from my rooster being amorous. I ordered several hen saddles and started to make plans for removing his spurs. The saddles are due to arrive this Thursday ( 2 days from now).

I came home from work today and my sweetest, favorite hen has an almost 2 inch piece of skin torn open under her wing. You can literally see her breast.

I immediately separated her. I have a small prefab coop/run combo that we have put up against the larger run. We use it to introduce new flock members and it is currently working as a hospital.
The wound was not bleeding when I found her so I cleaned it with Betadine and slathered it with triple antibiotic cream w/o the pain killer. I also have some Vetericyn that I can put on it if what I did wasn't enough.

I guess I am just looking for some advice on what else I can do. I feel horrible! She is completely alert. Eating, drinking, and otherwise acting like it is a bother that I keep lifting her wing and not letting her eat all the scratch I used to lure her to me. The wound doesn't look infected currently. I'm sure it just happened today.

I have been reading what all to do on this site and it's been a Godsend!
Please someone let me know my hen will be ok.
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Get a file or a pair of dog nail clippers, and file down or trim his spurs to dull them. You don't have to cut them off, just dull them. Look for any signs of infection in a day or two. Bruises may look green on the skin if you see any. Hoping for a full recovery.
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Chickens are amazingly resilient. Keep her wound clean and she will most likely have a full recovery.

Personally, I have a Roo who is off to auction this week as he is too rough with my older girls and I just ha e him around for eye candy, not breeding. If you don't plan to breed, you don't need a male, or at least you might not need that one. Just some thing else to consider.

Hope she heals up well.
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