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My chicks are 6 and 7 weeks old. How often can they have treats like:
Meal worms

These are the only treats I've tried so far. I love giving them treats, I'm just wondering how often is it okay for them to have stuff like this?
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IMO they can have all the above. Just limit the daily intake to no more than 10% of their diet and provide grit for them.

Another tip...I find that my chickens have always loved "wet food". I put chick starter (in my case their regular poultry crumbles) in a bowl, add warm water, chop up some of their goodies finely, mix it in and put it on paper plates or a bowl that you will feed them out of. If you have several chicks, 2 plates work well. **Warning...they will scratch and sling wet food and make a mess:P

Mine are older and laying, but they love to get "wet mash" everyday, if I make it. I use an all flock type crumble and then mix in things I have on hand, like kale, apple, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, veggies, etc. Occasionally I do mix a little vitamins in the water that I make the mash with. I do use the higher protein food, so I give them extra veggies, weeds, fruit, etc. on days that I don't do the "mash".

I do leave their dry feed available at all times in the coop, so they think the "mash" is a total treat, but it incorporates their poultry food with goodies.

Just my opinion:)

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