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ideal flock?

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Hope this is on the right board...



Next month I'm getting eggs to incubate and these will be our first chickens since I was a child. I live in an area that has a lot of chickens/breeders, so there is some choice of what to get. I also would like a mixed flock. I want eggs and I have 2 toddlers, so I want friendly chickens. So, the breeds I'm considering now (due to people selling them nearby) are...


Olive Eggers

White Bearded Silkies

Swedish Flower Hen

LF Cochin

Cream Legbar 


Also an option...

Bearded, White Crested Cuckoo Polish

Bantam Cochin
Barnyard mix
I'd like 6-8 chickens, understand it's a bit up in the air with hatching eggs and what you get (how many hatch, roosters, etc). Practically, i'm already leaning towards certain ones because some breeders are closer, carry multiple types, etc. But I'm still curious, what would you get in a similar situation? And how many eggs of each to make your 'ideal' flock if these were your choices?
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Welcome to BYC, Your perfect flock is whatever you want, all of those breeds will work, if you go to meyers hatchery they can do a min of 3 chicks in a shipment come april, most hatcheries or even farm supply stores will have a min of 15 or 25 usually.

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