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My Wyandotte seems depressed

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So I am facing my first chicken crisis. I've had my girls almost a year .... and everything has been pretty easy (with the exception of some hen bullying). My Golden Laced Wyandotte is not acting like herself. When I got home yesterday she was sitting on my back lawn .... sitting content enough to let my 5 year old walk up next to her and pet her (she would usually run). A while later, she was sitting in the sandbox, and then again under my patio table. When they free range, sitting isn't something they usually do. 


I brought out some chicken scraps after dinner as a treat, and she came over .. but was barely interested. She snacked, but didn't grab and run like the other did.


She seems to be walking pretty slowly but her tail is pointing up like normal. 


As a precautionary, I brought her inside to check and see if she was egg bound. I didn't feel anything (mind you I've never checked for one before but I'm assuming feeling an egg would be pretty obvious). 


She seems depressed :( 


I have 4 girls in the coop right now and their poop on the poop board seem pretty normal. 


Any ideas what else could be going on? I'm really worried about her. She's not the nicest of my ladies, but I still love her none-the-less. 


Help :( 


Edited to add - Her poop seems really running and yellowish ... but no blood present from what we can see. 

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I would check her crop to see if it is full and balloon-like or empty. Check it again in early morning to see if it has emptied. A picture of her droppings could help. Are they yellow brown, or bright or pale yellow? Is there mucus in it? Check her skin for the pressence of lice or mites, under the vent and neck and wings.

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Someone told me she has symptoms of Vent Gleet. She did lay an egg today .... it cracked and she started to eat it which was strange. I bathed her and gave her some yogurt with probiotic added to it. She ate it as long as we hand fed her - lol.

Her crop feels ok .... no sign of mites. This has all been very strange. Dried poop down her rear.
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