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Rooster comb scabby and bloody

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Hi all,
My rooster has some really raw areas on the comb on both sides. It's pretty gnarly looking. I know it's not frostbite because it's 88 degrees where I live. He's a pretty aggressive roo and he's pretty tough on my hen (she's missing back feathers and is bald where he mounts her) and I don't know if he's internally sick or if she's being rough on him too.
I added a picture and it looks wet because I just cleaned it. His eye is a little runny so I cleaned that with vetricyn. Any help?
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he will heal up roos with big combs can scrape their comb on anything and it will look like that, you can get a chicken saddle for the hen that is missing feathers. you can also fix the hen issue by also adding more hens

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He has four hens but the one he mates with is his original girl. The other girls eggs arent fertilized and  the other two have yet to lay. They are only 16ish weeks old. I have four more gals in a brooder. So I'm working on the add more thing. :D Thanks for the suggestion on the saddle, I didn't know such a thing existed. We shall see how it goes. I thought the comb was heeling but then he must have reinjured it.

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Yeah my RIR always scraped his comb on the reeder I had two inch pvc feeders and then a hanging 7 lb feeder he would shake his head and drops would fly all over.

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