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Banties with LF?

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I've seen posts on integrating two flocks but I wonder if size matters....


I have 10 large fowl and 3 bantams (1 silkie and2 frizzles). They have lived side by side in the coop and run partitioned by chicken wire.  We recently moved and I was able to recreate the separation of coop and run within the same space in an existing shed.  Since we moved in the winter with no chance to build suitable quarters it is small.  My hubby is letting me take over an unused pole barn that I plan to turn into a proper coop.  I plan to use two of the bays and the dimensions will be 19x10 for the coop with additional storage and while I haven’t decided the footprint for the run it will be considerable.  Rather than split this into two coops…I was wondering if I got more chickens this go around, because it’s spring and well…you know, chicken math, …let’s say maybe 7 or so depending on cuteness…. Do you think I would have any problem putting the new ones in along with the bantams together with the existing 10 or will there be issue with the little girls?  Yes, I know I would have to let the new arrivals feather out first but when they are ready I was wondering if I could slip the banties in with the newbies.


Your thoughts are appreciated

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They should do just fine my hairdresser has hers mixed and has no trouble.

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Thank you for replying chicklover 1998.  I will add all newbies and banties to the new space with the big girls when the coop is ready and the new girls are fully feathered.  My daughter thought they would always be picked on because they are smaller but I think Jetta, my black frizzle, will hold her own as she is fiesty.  Edna and Betty on the other hand are a little more shy.  They may just end up on the bottom of the pecking order.

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they can hold their ground just fine but what breed are all of your bantams?

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I have a white silkie bantam and a bb red bantam. Recently I have acquired an American Game Rooster. My b b red girl seems to be quite smitten with him and sweet talks him constantly and he her. I have to keep him in a pen alone as he was just dropped off here and he and my RIR don't get along well. My question is, would it be to risky to let him cover her or would he cover her? He is a good deal bigger than her and I don't want her to her get hurt.
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keep a chicken saddle on her when she is with him the game roo boys can be extremely rough at times.

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I hadn't thought of that. Would the act still be successful with a saddle? They would make some beautiful babies together.
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Oh yes it only goes on their back, it just keeps the roo from being able to accidentally pull the feathers out of her back.

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chicklover1998, I have one white silkie, a black frizzle and a cinnamon colored frizzle.  I will add that the black frizzle, Jetta, is a spitfire and I can see her beating a big girl down if necessary but my silkie once screamed for a while because one of my Americana's dug herself into their side of the run.  Willow did not harm Edna (silkie), she was just wandering around in the run but Edna was not having it.  I went in and removed Willow and blocked the hole.  I hope once they are all together they won't "protect their turf" since it will be new to all of them.

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