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Pale comb and constipated

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I've noticed a few changes in both appearance and behavior in one of my chickens. Firstly, she's stopped attacking me, which sounds like a win, but I know there is something wrong. Both of the chickens are constipated, but one (Henri) seems more affected than the other (Berni). It's not hot out. They're both laying. Berni demonstrates chicken-like behavior, except for the not pooping. Henri just takes dirt baths, and it appears that she wants to declare war (again, this is normal for her) but just can't quite muster up the strength. Her waddle and comb have become pale. I've checked both ends and nothing seems out of place. Suggestions? 

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When was the last time you wormed them?
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I've never wormed them. 

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They finally pooped! But now one of them is crying incessantly and is releasing clear liquid with her poop.  Any ideas? 

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To worm them, I would use Valbazen or Safeguard.

Does the clear liquid feel like egg white?
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I didn't think to touch it. I did notice that there weren't any worms.  She's not easy to handle, because she attacks me so I can't feel her abdomen.  

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Hold her legs in one hand, tuck her head under your arm so her butt is where you can examine it. Her head will be facing backwards so she can't peck you.
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It seems that she was having a hard time passing the egg. Once she laid it she became calmer. Is there anything that I can do to help her lay eggs--not to make her more prolific, but to help her pass the egg?

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