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Opinion, twins?

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At first I thought it was one egg and thought for sure it was twins, but now I have 2 eggs that look like this. Details- bobwhite quail, taken yesterday which was day 13. 10 days left. Ive read a lot about it and understand that little can probably be done to save them if it is twins. Also, this is my very first hatch of any kind. So I am a nervous wreck. Both of these eggs are slightly larger than the others. But being a newb, I didnt consider them having double yolks.


Thanks for any help or advice you can offer. -Laurie


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Typically, you are right, twins don't survive well. But, if you are dedicated enough, and are there for the hatch, I've seen it done.IF you help them along just enough to make sure the make it out, they should survive. They'll need extra special care. However, if you are having a large hatch or are just letting the incubator do the work, they probs won't survive. They only time I've seen twins survive is with a lot of human intervention. I haven't even heard of a mother bird being able to do it. You can try, and I'd advise you to, but be warned: it will be a lot of work and possible they won't survive. There are videos on youtube of twins hatching, try looking on there and see if you can maybe mimick what they do.

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